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Wilton Course 3 Class 1: Gum Paste and Fondant

I finally had the time to sign up for the third and last course of the Wilton Cake Decorating classes, which is Gum Paste and Fondant. During the second course of Flower and Cake Design we were already introduced to gum paste and I was looking forward to working more with this fabulous material. I also was excited about learning to work properly with fondant. The possibilities with fondant and gum paste are endless and you are able to decorate cakes in any shape or form.

The first thing we did was to mix gum paste and fondant. You add gum paste to fondant, so it can be shaped better (gum paste can be rolled paper thin) and the fondant dries faster and harder. We used this mixture to make bow loops.

Before this class I bought the Wilton Roll and Cut Mat, which turned out to be very useful. Using the Wilton Fondant Ribbon Cutter/Embosser (included in the course kit) we cut the rolled out fondant/gum paste mix into strips. For the bow we needed 5 inch long strips. The Roll and Cut Mat has premeasured lines which are one inch apart and therefore measuring was very easy.
Next, we folded the strips and attached the ends with gum glue. Last we cut the end into a point and placed the formed loops on a cardboard to dry. The dried pieces can then be assembled into a finished bow.
Unfortunately, we never had enough time during class, so I did not get a finished bow. I am saving the bow loops for a special cake. Check back to see where I will use it some time!


Bow Loops

Next, we formed bases for mums and roses. Both bases can be formed with white gum paste, because they will not be visible in the final flower. They will be covered with colored petals.
The mum bases are simple little balls made out of gum paste, which are placed on thick spaghetti to dry. Sizing the balls is essential to getting a beautiful flower in the end. The bases need to be the right size in order for the petals to fit properly around them. Following the instructions in the booklet might seem tedious for forming a simple ball, but it is key.
We also formed the bases for the roses out of gum paste and placed them on spaghetti. It is helpful to have a foam board of any sort available. You can stick the spaghetti in the foam and let the flower bases dry, so they can be completed during the next classes.

base rose

Mum and Rose Bases

The last flower base we modeled was the carnation base. This base is also made out of gum paste, because parts of it have to be rolled very thin. Gum paste is the perfect for rolling out very thin. Again, sizing is important while forming the base so the petals will fit later on. The carnation bases have to be the color of the final flower. Since mums are traditionally white, that is the color I used.

mums white flower

Carnation Base

I am so happy, I finally signed up for the Wilton Gum Paste and Fondant course. The instructor was great and I enjoyed every minute. It was great learning new things. I cannot wait to start the next class and finish the flowers we started.

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