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Wilton Course 2 Class 3:Wilton Rose

In the third class we completed the Wilton Rose. We needed to bring already prepared royal icing. This time my icing turned out perfectly. The trick was to add much less water than the recipe asks in the beginning. As you mixed all the ingredients you slowly need to add water, about ¼ tsp at a time. That way you make sure the royal icing does not get too thin, which is almost impossible to reverse.

Wilton course 2 Daffodil

Wilton Course 2: Daffodil

Next we piped a daffodil. What fun it is to pipe those flowers when you icing is perfect consistency! Check out my pictures to see how my Wilton rose and daffodil turned out. We also practiced to pipe the violet and lily. They are fairly easy to make but I did not safe any to take pictures.

Wilton Course 2:  Yellow Rose

Wilton Course 2: Yellow Rose

The flower templates that the Wilton kit provides (you can also buy them separately) are needed and a great tool to help piping flowers. If you want to pipe a lot of flowers, you need to buy many templates. To avoid that, you can get a clean template sheet laminated and cut and just wash it after use. Thank you to our instructor for that moneysaving tip!
I am excited to design my layout for the final cake which we will complete during class 4.

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