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Wilton Course 2 Class 2

Wilton Course 2 Class 2

For the second class of the Wilton Flower and Cake Design course we had to prepare royal icing for the first time. I never mixed up royal icing before so this was a new challenge for me. Following the recipe was not difficult, but it turned out that the icing is very sensitive to temperature and humidity. When I prepared the royal icing at home I had to cover the bowl with a wet towel while I colored some of the icing. Royal icing dries very fast. Therefore it is used for piping various flowers which are dried hard and later placed on a cake.
When I came to the second class and whipped up the icing again it turned out to be very thin. Making royal icing thicker afterward is very difficult. You can add cornstarch gradually, but that will alter the taste and it is still hard to achieve the ideal texture.
We first learned the rose base. Because my icing was too thin, I decided not to let the flowers dry, but instead just practiced the piping techniques for the different flowers. The rose base was very similar to the rose we learned in the Decoration Basics course.
The first full flower we piped was the apple blossom. It is a little cutesy flower which I think is great for borders. The next flower, the primrose, is similar to the apple blossom. It is only a little bigger. The last flower we learned during this second class was the rosebud. It was hard for me, because my royal icing was so thin, but I got the technique. It is not my favorite flower, but certainly a good flower for wedding cakes.

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