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Wilton Course 1 Class 2: Making a Cupcake Cake


Wilton course 1 class 2 cake image
Wilton course 1 class 2 cupcake cake


Before attending the second class, I had some homework to do: get some supplies for decorating the next cake, bake the cake and prepare the icing at home. In my last post I mentioned some tools which I wanted to buy. But because I am on a tight budget, I decided to get only the most essential things: clear flavoring and Meringue powder for the icing. I baked the cake one day before my Wilton course 1 class 2, so it would be completely cooled for class. The only round pan I have at home is a 9 inch pan which I used to make two vanilla cakes. I also prepared enough icing in different consistencies: thin consistency to frost the cake and medium consistency for the decoration. In addition, I bought a tub of piping gel, which is a clear gel used for writing on frosted cakes, glazing cakes or tracing shapes on the cake to fill with icing later.
When I went to class that evening I had to lug a lot of things (more hands to carry everything would come in handy) and I was ready to make my cupcake cake.
1.    The first thing we did in class was color our icing. We filled some amount of icing in a disposable cup and added the desired color gel with a toothpick. With a spatula we whisked it until all of the color  was properly incorporated and evenly spread. I colored the thin icing sky blue since I wanted to have a blue cake as a base for my cupcake. About a cup of icing I colored yellow and a tiny bit pink.
2.    I filled my cake with raspberry preserve and then used the thin icing to cover the whole cake.
3.    Next, we learned about proper ways to hold the decorating bag. Different positions, pressure and angles will result in different shapes and sizes.
4.    With a pen we traced a cupcake outline on parchment paper. With a decorating bag filled with colored piping gel (I used yellow, but any color is fine) and tip #1 I traced the lines on the parchment paper. Then I transferred the piping gel on the cake by turning the paper over and placing the piping gel on the cake. (With little pressure on the parchment paper you ensure that the piping gel sticks to the cake. Then lift the paper and you will see the outline of your design on the frosted cake.)
5.    For making the cupcake on top of the cake we needed decorating bags filled with yellow, white and pink icing in medium consistency and tip #12. I filled in the outlined cupcake but simply lining the yellow icing along the lines, swirling white icing on top and adding a big dot of pink on top. I also added some swirls of leftover piping gel on top of the yellow cupcake bottom for some effect.
6.    Lastly, I shook rainbow sprinkles over the white swirled icing and created a star border around the bottom edge of the cake with the remaining white icing.
I am proud of the result and it was with no doubt delicious. The Wilton course 1 class 2 was a lot of fun again and my family, especially my 4-year old daughter loved the cake of this second class. The most important things I learned during the second Decorating Basics class were how to hold and squeeze the decorating bag properly in order to achieve different designs. There definitely are improvements to be made and I cannot wait to practice more. I am looking forward to learning more techniques and becoming more professional in my cake decorating skills.

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  • Oh that turned out so cute!

  • Amalia

    The cake came out great!

  • Donna Brown

    Can anyone email me the cupcake outline above. My daughter gave it to me to make for her daughter’s first birthday and I have lost it. Please help anyone.
    Thank you,
    Donna Brown

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