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Halloween cupcakes

Halloween cupcakes

Do you like to eat cakes, cupcakes and cookies? I bet you do. I do and I love to bake them. For years I baked countless chocolate chip cookies and vanilla cupcakes for my family like so many other moms out there. After a while the traditional cookies and cupcakes bored me and I was looking for some other ideas to make baking more fun. When my daughter started preschool I signed up to bring cupcakes for their Halloween Party. But what should I make? Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing? That sounded too bland for a Halloween Party with 3-year old kids. So I decided to put some gummy worms and candy on top of delicious cream cheese icing. Not really a genius idea but it gave me the kick to get more into cake decorating. Did you ever search the internet for cake decorating ideas? You probably have, since you landed on my blog. The search results can be a bit intimidating at times, I think. I am not a pastry chef and certainly not a cake pro, just your average stay-at-home mom with a passion to bake. That is why I created this blog. Here you will find yummy recipes, decorating ideas for any occasion with step-by-step instructions and many more topics all around baking. You do not have to be a professional pastry chef to make delicious and creative treats to impress!

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  • Simon Fox

    I have a sweet tooth, your cupcakes looks yummy! can I have one? (^-^)

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