Superbowl XLIV Cake

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Superbowl XLIV cake


I know it has been a while since Superbowl, but when I recently looked at my pictures, I discovered a cake that I would like to share with you. For this year’s Superbowl, I baked a cake in form of a football field. This is actually the first cake I decorated. While looking for supplies I found out about the art store Michael’s, where I discovered their fantastic supplies for cake decorating. I have been hooked ever since.
For this cake a baked a simple vanilla sheet cake (9×13 in.). I made vanilla icing and used Wilton food color (Kelly Green). I use this food color, because it is a gel, which does not make the icing too liquid. It is also very concentrated. A little bit on a toothpick goes a long way.
I covered the whole cake with the green icing. For the lines, numbers and team names on the “field” I used a tube of White Decorating Gel (Wilton). Of course, you can use colored piping gel for this as well.

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