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Ladybug Birthday Cake

Ladybug Birthday Cake

Ladybug Birthday Cake

After a long summer break (we spent the summer abroad), I finally got the chance to make a birthday cake again. The customer requested a special birthday cake for her daughter. I received a picture she found online, I believe in was from CakeCentral.com, and requested a similar ladybug cake. The color theme was pink and light green, which looked so cute. It was a two tiered round cake with a ladybug cake on top. This was the first time doing a tiered cake, so I informed myself how to stack cakes etc. So happy to learn and try something new!
Off I went to the local craft store to get the needed supplies. I was really excited to make this cake, because it gave me the chance to work with fondant again, which I love to do. Luckily, I took the last Wilton class (Fondant and Gumpaste) before the summer, which taught me to properly cover a cake with fondant and make accents with gumpaste.
At home, I mixed up two batches of Marshmallow fondant. I prefer to make the fondant myself. Marshmallow fondant tastes better in my opinion and is cheaper than store bought fondant. Five days before I had to deliver the cake I started to make the decorations. This way they would have time to dry and keep their shape on the cake. I formed little ladybugs out of a fondant/gumpaste mix. I read so many comments online that stated that it was hard to achieve a dark black fondant, but with plenty of Wilton’s gel color it was not as difficult as I thought.

Little Fondant Ladybugs

Little Fondant Ladybugs

I also formed little and big white flowers out of fondant/gumpaste.

Little White Fondant Flowers

Little White Fondant Flowers


Big White Fondant Flowers

I planned on ordering letter and number cutters, but I did not have time to get them delivered, so I decided to form the letters and numbers myself. They actually turned out nice and I was glad I did not use cutters to do so.


Fondant Number and Letters

Last, I formed leaves. I used a sharp kitchen knife to cut out leaf shapes. On a thin foam pad I pressed in the leaf’s veins using the blue tool from one of the Wilton student kits. I placed the leaves on the Wilton Wave Flower former, so they would look like real leaves.


Gumpaste Leaves Wave Flower Former

For the base a baked two 10 inch round cakes. The top tier was a two layer 6 inch round cake and the ladybug was made out of a half Wilton Sports Ball pan. All the cakes were red velvet cake following a recipe from Paula Deen at Foodnetwork.com (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/grandmother-pauls-red-velvet-cake-recipe/index.html).
The recipe calls for buttermilk and in the past I bought it at the supermarket. This time I made buttermilk myself and it worked out wonderfully: 1 cup of whole milk mixed with 1 Tbsp of white vinegar. Let it stand for at least 5 minutes and you get buttermilk great for baking without any leftovers.
To get a deep red color you usually need a lot of red food coloring, but Wilton’s gel colors are intense. This No-Taste Red tinted my cake a beautiful red without the taste of food coloring. I filled the cakes with a crusting cream cheese frosting following this recipe from Cakeboos.com: http://www.cakeboss.com/CreamCheeseFrosting.aspx. It calls for a bigger amount of powdered sugar with let the frosting crust a little bit and preserves the cream cheese. Therefore it was perfect for using under fondant. Because I cannot refrigerate the fondant covered cake, it was important to have a stable cream cheese frosting that would not melt inside the cake and destroy the decoration. Everything worked out great and I am proud of my ladybug cake.
I loved making this cake and making a tiered cake was certainly a new experience. Happy customer = Happy baker!


Ladybug Birthday Cake

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  • Frank Molinini

    wow! You should be on “Cake Boss” ! I like the details on the leaves as well as the lady bug itself. Amazing!

  • Lucille

    Nina, This cake is absolutely beautiful. It’s a shame to cut it up. Your husband’s cake and daughter’s Barbie cake are truely works of art. Keep up the great work.

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  • Millie Floss

    This article is awesome. I love ladybugs. In fact I got a dog named after it. And this cake is remarkable. Very pretty.

  • Olympic Sweets

    Great post, the ladybugs look very tasty! This is a beautiful cake.

  • RaspberryKetoneMax

    The Ladybug Birthday Cake looks very funny and delicious

  • Meryl

    Wow it sure is amazing but my girl is really into Sandy the Cowgirl from Toy Story. If you were to ask me I’d definitely give her this one but no can do.

  • Debbie

    Wow, what a beautiful cake. I would not want to eat it! Where would you start?

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