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My Green “Red Velvet” Easter Cake

Easter cake

Easter cake

Since I am looking for any opportunity to bake a big cake, I tried something new for this year’s Easter weekend. I just wanted to make an easy cake, because I did not have a lot of time. And this is how my three layer cake with a basket weave came to life.
I baked three round cakes following a simple recipe for a Red Velvet Cake. Instead of the red food coloring I used green color, which I found better for Easter. Next, I mixed up some Cream Cheese Frosting (check out my Recipes page for instructions) and some simple cake icing (also on my Recipes page).
To make the cake, I took the first round cake and covered it with Cream Cheese Frosting. Repeat this step with the other two round cakes by placing them on top of each other. Do not put any Cream Cheese Frosting on the side of the cake, since the frosting for the basket weave will not stick that well. To make the basket weave I filled my icing pipe with white cake icing. The Cream Cheese Frosting tastes better, but is too liquid to make a great design, especially on the side of the cake. I covered the cake with a basket weave all around. You can use, of course, a basket weave tip. I used, for a different look, a star tip, which worked well.
For some finishing touches I iced some dots with the star tip on top of the cake and decorated them with Easter M&Ms. I also put Easter M&Ms along the edge of my “Green Velvet” cake.
Please check back soon for a tutorial on how to make a basket weave.

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