1st Birthday cake

Happy 1st Birthday!

1st birthday cake

1st Birthday Cake

My youngest daughter turned one in August and, of course, I had to bake a birthday cake for her. This time I got help from my mother, since we were still in Germany at that time. I did not have any cake decorating tools with me, so the cake was decorated the “European” way, how I like to call it.
My mom baked a delicious chocolate cake. I cut the cake in 3 layers and filled it with cream cheese frosting and cranberry jelly, which turned out to be a great combination. A little sweet and a little fruity fresh.
Then I whipped up a mix of whipped cream, stabilized with gelatin and cream cheese frosting. I iced the cake with that mixture and let it sit for a while to let the icing crust over a little bit. At the supermarket we bought some premade sugar decorations and my mom found a decorating tip. Using the tip I sprayed some of the remaining icing on and around the cake to create a border and arranged the sugar flowers and ladybugs on top. Since the German chocolate sprinkles are my other daughter’s favorite, we layered them on the outside of the cake.
I planned a cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday using my cake decorating tools and techniques, but because we were still vacationing I had to throw my ideas out. Even though the cake did not resemble the cake I had in mind, it turned out pretty cute and was even more delicious than I imagined.
I am collecting already ideas for the next birthday cake. With my new learned skills and lot more practice I cannot wait to decorate a special cake for another birthday.

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