Wilton Course 3 Class 2

For the next class of Wilton course 3 class 2 (Gum Paste and Fondant) we had to bring the dried rose bases we prepared last week and colored gumpaste in green and pink. During this class we would learn how to make calla lilies, rosebuds and full roses as well as the calyx for these flowers. We would also finish the carnation which base we prepared last week. We would also make some little leaves using a leaf cutter which was included in the student kit.
First, we made the calla lily. It is a fairly easy flower which I find beautiful as a cake topper. The center, called the spadix, is covered with yellow colored sugar which gives the flower a more natural look.
You can buy colored sugar almost anywhere you can buy baking goods, but you can also make it yourself. I made the yellow sugar at home, because I did not have the chance to go to the grocery store. I poured a white sugar in a bowl and added a little bit of Wilton gel color in yellow. You will see after stirring for a while that a little color goes a long way. With this technique you can make colored sugar in any desired color and quantity. This saves money and the trip to the store.


Calla Lily with Calynx

These little leaves are made out of thinly rolled gumpaste. They are cut out with the Rose Leaf Cutter which came with the student kit for the Gumpaste and Fondant Course. After cutting out the leaves, mark the veins using the small end of the veining tool. These are easy leaves which still give nice little details to your cake decoration.


Leaves using the Rose Leaf Cutter

For the roses, we rolled out the pink gumpaste very thinly and cut out a lot of flowers using the largest Blossom Cutter from the student kit.
Once the blossoms’ edges were thinned out with the ball tool you can insert the spaghetti with the base in the middle. Cup the blossom around the base and wrap the petals around base. Use gumpaste glue to make all petals stick to the base.
For the rosebud we used one blossom.


Rosebud with Calyx

To make a half rose, use another cut-out blossom and wrap around the rose bud.


Half Rose

Using a third blossom, wrap all petals around the half rose and you will achieve a full rose. Stick the spaghetti in to a foam piece so the flowers can dry hard.


Full Rose

The last flower we finished during Wilton Course 3 class 2 was the carnation. In class 1 we formed the base for the carnation which needed to harden before finishing the whole flower.
To make the petals we used a round cutter. We cut out very thin rolled out gumpaste and placed the circles on the foam squares. Press the small end of the veining tool at the edge of the circle and pull out. This will give the circle a ruffle around the edge. Add a little gumpaste glue to the center of the carnation base and press the ruffled circle down. You will have to repeat this step with at least two more circles to fill the whole flower. Add additional circles if needed.


Carnation with Calyx

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