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Halloween Cupcakes with Sprinkles

Easy Plugin for AdSense by Unreal Once again I signed up for baking cupcakes for my daughter’s Halloween party at her preschool. I had some fun ideas in my head, but since I am not allowed to use small and hard candy, I decided to keep it simple. Why not just have fun with popping, […]

Birthday Carrot Cake

For my husband’s birthday I made a 9×13 inch sheet cake. Carrot cake is his favorite kind of cake, so that is what I baked for him. In the past I only made carrot cake using a cake mix I bought at the store, but this time I wanted to try to bake it from […]

1st Birthday cake

Happy 1st Birthday! My youngest daughter turned one in August and, of course, I had to bake a birthday cake for her. This time I got help from my mother, since we were still in Germany at that time. I did not have any cake decorating tools with me, so the cake was decorated the […]

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